Adidas Rockstars 2012: Results and Video

posted by dpm on 08/14/2012

The Adidas Rockstars bouldering competition is a unique concept, blending music and rock climbing to create an event like no other. The competition took place this past weekend in Stuttgart, Germany at the Porsche Arena in front of a large crowd. The event represents a step in a new direction for climbing comps. Flashing lights, smoke, parading athletes, and a live rock band bring energy to the sometimes stale setting of 'normal' comps. From the Adidas Rockstars website:

"In order to celebrate the heroes of the international bouldering community like ‘rock stars’ the organisers transform the climbing competition into an elaborately staged show with live music. A rock band provides the intoxicating musical setting for outstanding sports performances on artificial rock, stimulates the crowds during the boulder competition, and involves them in the show."

The end result is a show closer in feel to "American Idol" than a World Cup bouldering event. The entire three-hour comp is available to watch here and even if you don't watch the whole thing, check out the first 10 minutes or so. The intro song by the Swiss band "Sideburn" is pretty catchy and the atmosphere of the comp is much different than anything you've likely seen before.

Click the image for footage of the comp.

In the end, it was Canadian Sean McColl and American Alex Puccio taking first prize honors. Falling in behind Sean for the men were (in order): Jon Cardwell, Guillame Glairon-Mondet, Jan Hojer, and Rustam Gelmanov. Behind Puccio for the women were: Akiyo Noguchi, Juliane Wurm,Therese Johansen, and Katharina Saurwein. A 20,000 Euro prize purse was split among the finalists.

Also present at the event were Americans Sasha Digiulian (9th), Alex David Johnson (18th), Carlo Traversi (24th), and Vasya Vorotnikov (28th). Full mens results can be found here and full womens results here.

Click the image for a short behind-the-scenes video of how much effort went into preparing this event.