Adam Ondra Sends La Dura Dura (5.15c)

posted by dpm on 02/07/2013


Today, Adam Ondra climbed what he's considering the world's hardest sport route, La Dura Dura in Oliana, Spain. Adam's proposed a grade of  9b+ (5.15c) for the route and also noted that he feels it's harder than his Norway route Change (5.15c). In all, it took Ondra five trips and nine weeks of effort to climb the route.

Speaking with, he commented:

"It was 2nd day on, my forearms felt sore in the morning. I was thinking of calling it a rest day... But I was less nervous and battled through the bottom and got very pumped to the 2nd crux, where I didn't fall despite no expectations. Sticking the jug, I felt like having a heat attack but I kept it together. 9b+ it is :)"

Click the image for video of Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra gunning for the first ascent of the world's hardest sport route. Congrats to Adam!

Adam Ondra on La Dura Dura. Click for video.