Adam Ondra Onsights another 5.14d

posted by dpm on 05/05/2014

Patxi Usobiaga broke the news yesterday of Adam Ondra’s second 5.14d onsight, writing on Instagram, “The most impressive climbing I have ever seen! Il Domani 9a onsight by #Adam Ondra!”

Instagram photo by Patxi Usobiaga.

Il Domani is located in Baltzola, Spain and was established by Patxi in 2003. Adam’s onsight of the 9a/5.14d route is the third time in history the grade has been onsighted. The first was by Alex Megos with Estado Critico at Siurana, Spain last spring. Ondra followed with his first 9a onsight, Cabane au Canada at Rawyl, Switzerland a few months later.

Regarding his onsight of Il Domani, Ondra wrote on his 8a.nu scorecard, “Been waiting for this for such long time, saving for an onsight. Almost tried last year in less than ideal conditions, but the decision I made was good. Today everything was perfect, awesome te(m)ps and well rested, and that was just enough to send this beautiful route. Sooo happy. My hardest onsight ever 4sure.”

Click the image for video of Iban Larrion climbing Il Domani.