Adam Ondra has sent the Dawn Wall VI 5.14d

posted by dpm on 11/22/2016

The sound you heard yesterday what the collective explosion of the climbing world as Adam Ondra made the third ascent of the Dawn Wall, in Yosemite. Adam arrived in Yosemite a month prior with the intent to free the route. Having little big wall experience Ondra faced a whole slew of challenges from the start, but in typical Ondra fashion he quickly mastered what would be needed to climb the most famous multi pitch route in the world.

Adam Ondra has vetted himself to be arguably the most talented rock climber the sport has seen; breaking sport climbing into the 5.15c realm with a first ascent of Change and La Dura Dura, getting the first documented flash of V14 with Jade in RMN, and now rounding out his resume with a massive 32 pitch VI 5.14d. It is beginning to look that the only reason Adam Ondra hasn’t done something, is because he hasn’t tried it yet.

The Dawn Wall, was made famous by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson’s 7 year vision leading to a massive push and finally a free ascent on January 14th 2014. The send caught the eye of national news outlets and quickly became one of the most famous events in the history of the sport of rock climbing (to an almost hilarious degree). Kevin went to Instagram to congratulate Adam saying “The only scary thing about how fast you did it was that it's not more surprising. You're a total beast! I can't wait to see what happens when you find a 6 year project.”, while Tommy summed the send up in a single word “Speechless”.

Now that Adam is finished with school and dedicating more and more time to the sport it is unimaginable where he will push himself, and the standards of what’s possible, in the coming years. Congratulations to Adam Ondra and all the people that helped him get to the summit.