Adam Ondra FA's Two 9a+ Routes in Norway

posted by dpm on 09/26/2013


The summer season in Norway has come to an end for Adam Ondra. In his last week he claimed the first ascent of two more 9a+'s (5.15a's), the first being Kangaroo's Limb at the Flatanger Cave. It seems that Kangaroo's Limb is a variation finish to the Kangaroo's Dyno project. On his 8a scorecard, Adam calls the Limb version, "the cheater's one" and notes that he could stick the dyno move but wasn't too close to linking the whole line. A 9a+ variation finish is not a bad consolation prize though, especially since he sent another 9a+ the next day.

After leaving Flatanger, Ondra stopped at the crag Hell and claimed the first ascent of Hell Racer (9a+), a project he'd previously put some time into. He writes on 8a, "4th day on, last day in Norway, excellent timing and good way to say good bye. Took 4 days in total. Quite serious bouldering into sustained finish."

It was a productive summer for Adam, who took a few different trips to Norway throughout the season. In August he put up two more 9b's (5.15b) in the Flatanger Cave with Move and Iron Curtain and in May he sent The Illusionist (9a). In July, he sent Purgatory at Hell for a total of five ninth grade first ascents and a few other 'easier' FA's like The Trap (8c+) and Dharma (8c+). 

Click the image for video of Adam Ondra in the first ascent of Move (5.15b) in the Flatanger Cave.