Adam Ondra does it again on Fight or Flight (5.15b)

posted by dpm on 02/09/2013


Just two days after establishing the world's hardest sport climb, Adam Ondra has sent Chris Sharma's Fight or Flight (5.15b) at Oliana, Spain. This is the 2nd ascent of the line that Sharma established in May of 2011.

Yesterday, Ondra found time to update his 8a scorecard and also noteworthy from that update is his tick of Power Inverter (5.15a) from two weeks ago. He managed this ascent on the first day of his trip and noted that he felt strong and it got him stoked for La Dura Dura (5.15c). Strong indeed. Ondra is just 4 days past his 20th birthday and has a decade or more of progression ahead of him. It's almost scary to think of what he could accomplish in the coming years. But for now, let's just sit back and watch him continue to destroy  the Catalunya region.

Click on the image below for some video of Chris Sharma on Fight or Flight, available only in DPM's Stash. It's free, just make sure you're logged in to gain access. 

Click the image for video of Chris Sharma on Fight or Flight (5.15b).