Adam Ondra does his thing in Norway

posted by dpm on 07/09/2012


(Spoiler alert: this is another article about Adam Ondra being way better than everyone else.)

Just a few days ago we reported on the first ascent of Eye of Odin, the newest 5.14c in Norway's Flatanger Cave. Three of the world's best sport climbers were up there working together for a first ascent. Ethan Pringle sent it first and Dani Andrada came in with a close second. Pringle also put up a new 5.14b called the Nordic Plumber and in a blogpost wrote, "As for the grade, I’d say it’s definitely closer to 8c then 8b+… actually I’d say it’s closer to 8c+ then 8b+, but we’ll just stick with 8c because I’m sure the wizard (Adam Ondra) will onsight it, and probably The Eye of Odin as well… that would be one impressive onsight!"

Talk about calling it...the prophecies of Pringle have come to pass and Adam Ondra has onsighted Eye of Odin. This is Ondra's 10th 5.14c onsight not including the 5.14c onsights that he downgraded to 5.14b. It's official; Adam Ondra has onsighted more 5.14c's than the rest of the 7 billion people on the planet combined. Actually, more than twice as many. Oh, and he put up a new 5.15a or b too.

This is only the beginning of Ondra's summer tour in Northern Europe so it's certain we'll be reporting more from the Flatanger area including more details on Ondra's new 5.15.

Click the image above for the video footage of Pringle, Andrada, and Midtboe -three of the best climbers in the world- struggling to send Eye of Odin. Have you guys heard yet that Ondra is really, really good at climbing?