Access Improvements for Leda Climbing Area near Chattanooga, TN

posted by dpm on 12/16/2013

Good news for Chattanooga sport climbers; the Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) recently partnered with local students at the McCallie School to secure a new parking area and build a trail to Leda. While certainly not Chattanooga’s crown jewel climbing area, Leda is extremely popular due to the minimal approach and abundance of moderate sport routes. The new “Chatt Steel” guidebook for the area refers to it as “Chattanooga’s premier roadside attraction” and the region’s “go-to crag for learning to climb outside.”

Student volunteers from the McCallie School cut trail to Leda. Photo: SCC

The SCC explains in a blog post that Leda parking and access were jeopardized this past summer when “no parking” signs appeared at the pull offs. They quickly and effectively communicated with the County Department of Transportation and the Cumberland Trail to work out alternate access. With the help of 23 students from the McCallie School, a new parking area was secured and a new trail was cut to access the cliffs. Leda is no longer the “no approach” crag it once was; instead an easy 15-20 minute walk is required to get to the cliff, which may be a good thing for thinning the crowds that Leda was known for.

Please use this new parking area when visiting Leda. It’s a paved lot just after a hairpin turn on Montlake road across from Terrace Falls Drive. Photo: SCC

Thanks to the SCC and the students at the McCallie School for tackling this project and securing legitimate access.