Access Fund Warns of Gorilla Attacks

posted by dpm on 07/16/2013


According to the Access Fund, crag gorillas have gone mad and have reportedly been attacking climbers with increasing frequency. What can you do to protect yourself from angry crag gorillas? The Access Fund recommends not angering them in the first place.

Crag gorillas prefer clean and quiet crags. Nothing raises the heart rate of a crag gorilla like mishandled human waste, Ipods that blare rap music, destroying vegetation, and ridiculous tic marks. All these factors can possibly lead to habitat loss for the gorilla and for the climbers that share their environment.

Unfortunately, not all climbers know how they can help keep our crags open, clean, and safe. The Access Fund has launched a week-long fund raiser to generate funding for climber education programs like Gym to Crag transition programs, Conservation Team gym programming, new Gorilla education videos, education media campaigns, and climber specific LNT materials. With an increasing number of climbers learning in the gym environment and taking their new skills outdoors, impacts to climbing access, the environment, and visitor experiences are on the rise. And it’s time to do something about it. Please help them with this effort this week!

Prevent gorilla attacks at your local crag by donating to the Access Fund here.

Warning: The following video shows an angered crag gorilla throttling climbers that threatened its habitat. Viewer discretion is advised. Click the image only if you've got a strong stomach.