9a's for Bouin and Julian

posted by dpm on 08/23/2013


Overshadowed by Adam Ondra's send of Move (9b/5.15b) in Norway's Flatanger cave, was Sebastien Bouin's send of Little Badder (9a) which shares the first 40 meters of Move. At the 40 meter mark, where Move continues straight out finishing with a 12-meter 9a section, Little Badder escapes right through 7b+/5.12c terrain.

Seb Bouin on Little Badder (9a). Photo: Bealplanet.com

In France, Ramon Julian visited La Roche de Rame and completed the aptly named Centre Village (9a), which is located on a small cliff in the center of town. He also ticked La Proue Debridee (8c+/5.14c) at the same cliff. 

Ramon Julian on La Proue Debridee (8c+). Photo: Ramon's blog