9-year-old Sends 5.13d at the Red River Gorge

posted by dpm on 11/07/2013

If you’re tired of hearing about kids taking over the climbing world, get used to it. It’s happening and they’re adorable! The latest kid phenom is 9-year-old Angie Scarth-Johnson from Blackheath, Australia. She and her family are on holiday at the Red River Gorge which, fortunately for Angie, has been proven to suit the pre-teen crowd. Her progress there has been nothing short of remarkable, regardless of her age.

Prior to her Red River trip, Angie’s hardest send was a 5.12d in Australia’s Blue Mountains which she sent last spring. When she got to the Red, she quickly sent Skinboat, her first 5.13a. She followed it with Golden Boy, a solid, pumpy, and reachy 5.13b at the Gold Coast. Two days later she was clipping the chains on Swingline, a 5.13d at the Darkside crag. She also managed to onsight the Darkside’s Tuskan Raider (5.12d). That’s not a bad tick list already but it makes me wonder…is God’s Own Stone on the plate? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Click the image for video of Angie dangling her way up a 5.12c in Australia’s Blue Mountains. 

Source: 8a.nu