5.14d's for Reffo and Haladaj

posted by dpm on 06/14/2012


In Italy, Silvio Reffo has claimed his first 5.14d with the first ascent of L'attimo at Covolo. L'attimo links together two established 5.14b's, Nagay and Tentacoli. Reffo is a local at the crag Covolo and has sent many of the other hard routes there like Super Ale (5.14c) and the first ascent of La Contrazione dell'attimo (5.14c).

In Spain's Santa Linya cave, Polish climber Mateusz Haladaj finished off Direct into your Fabelita (5.14d). Just two months before the send, he took a bad fall from Open Your Mind and broke his ankle. He noted on 8a.nu that he still can't walk properly but managed to pull this off. This was Haladaj's fourth 5.14d route.

Sources: 8a.nu, upclimbing.com, planetmountain.com