5.14c's for Kinder and Cardwell

posted by dpm on 10/12/2012


Joe Kinder is in top form after his recent send of Bunda de Fora (5.14d) at Acephale, Canada. Before heading back to the States he finished equipping an old JD LeBlanc project at the same cliff. His new route is called The Shine (5.14a) and breaks down as a V10 into a 5.12+. Joe headed back to Utah and just yesterday claimed what he believes to be the 2nd ascent of Apex Predator (5.14c) at the Poptire Cave.

Dave Graham working the Shine project a few years ago. Photo: Keith Ladzinski

Over at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, Colorado climber Jon Cardwell has continued his tear through the region that we originally reported on here. Yesterday, he pulled off a 3rd try, one day ascent of Fifty Words for Pump (5.14c) and tacked on a flash of Ultraperm (5.13d). This is in addition to his onsight of Last of the Bohicans (5.13d), Pushin' up Daisies and the Madness (both 5.13c), four 5.13b onsights, and flash or onsight ascents of six other 5.13a's all within the past week.

Click the image to watch a profile video of Jon Cardwell including his ascent of Aslan (V14).

source: 8a.nu