5.14a's for Digiulian and Szekely

posted by dpm on 07/30/2012


At Ceüse, France, Sasha Digiulian has redpointed Slow Food (5.14a.) This is Sasha's 16th 5.14 in the past year, two of which check in at 5.14d. She also managed an onsight of Encore (5.13c) and a flash of L'ami de Tout le Monde (5.13d). Since her first 5.14 ascent just three years ago, Sasha has amassed a total of twenty-two 5.14 ascents, two of which were onsight.   

At Rodellar, Spain, American Andrea Szekely sent Tripa de Conejo and Phillipe Cuisiniere (5.13d). Last summer, Andrea sent three 5.14a's during her trip to Rodellar: Ixeia, Maskoking, and Geminis

Source: 8a.nu