2011 Summer OR Gear Preview: Part I

posted by dpm on 08/09/2011

The summer Outdoor Retail Show returned this August to Salt Lake City and brought with it some great deigns from the outdoor industry.  Over the next week DPM will be unveiling some of the latest products rolling out in 2012 for our reader’s pleasure.  This is the first installation in a three part series; please stay tuned for new updates during the week.


Five Ten Team 5.10 Shoe

Five Ten has made some new changes to the Team shoe for 2012. The first, and most obvious, is the switch from blue to black, cosmetic of course – but it makes it extra cool.  Next, the front of the shoe shows a reduced spread of rubber on the head, which has now been replaced by a more breathable material that treads to the back to a slightly altered heel cup.



If you currently own or have tried on a pair of the “blue” Team shoes you may have noticed that the heel was very aggressive and hard to slip on, however, a rep for the team confirmed that a new heel has been constructed to allow a snug fit and make it easier to slip on.  Look for this shoe in the spring of 2012.


Princeton Tec Byte

Although the Byte is one of the smallest lamps in the Princeton Tec -arsenal this light packs a major punch.  With 35 lumens and a 146 hour burn time this small headlamp can help you negotiate dark morning runs for days to come while fitting neatly in your pocket.



Look for a new program rolling out in the fall that will allow users customize their lamp by overlaying their own color palette.  Simple and priced reasonably the Byte would be a great all-around light for a runner and or outdoor



Sterling Fusion Nano 9.2

A new rope being launched by Sterling is a thinner, lighter Fusion dubbed the Nano.  Both thin and durable this rope is the choice for climbers who pull 5.10-5.15, don’t take our word, hear it from the man, Chris Sharma.



So Ill Crimp Reaper Hangboard

From the mind of Jason Kehl comes the latest training tool from So Ill, the Crimp Reaper Hangboard.  This new board is the latest series in the Cryptochild line and features a straight-forward ideology that extends from his previous creation, The Iron Palm.  Jason was very excited about his latest creation and he can be seen HERE speaking about it. 



Nicros Cone Volume

Nicros is releasing the latest in its volume Line which can be used to strengthen the angles on any gym or home wall.  Their latest feature is theCone Volume, which was constructed with the head of a font sloper and the body of a volume, and coupled together they create a uniquely fascinating piece.  Although small in size, when compared to the monster volumes trending in Europe, this new pieces will add a well textured accent to any slightly overhanging wall.  This latest set is textured, the t-nuts have been reinforced to decrease the likely-hood of spinners, and we would highly suggest this to add to your next hold order.



Look for the next installment during the week with previews from Vertical Girl, Organic, Marmot, Scarpa, Edelrid and more.