2010 Summer Outdoor Retailer Trade Show

posted by dpm on 08/06/2010

Mad Rock has completely redesigned their entire line of performance climbing shoes and the flagship of their collection is the Mad Rock Con-Tact. The Con-Tact has been in the Mad Rock arsenal for years, but this year the Con-Tact received many performance upgrades. The Con-Tact is an aggressive slipper with a Velcor tensioning system and a newly designed molded heel cup. A supple rubber upper wraps over the toes for toe hooking. The rubber upper is thin and flexible allowing the knuckles of your toes to comfortably move without expanding the width of the shoe. This shoe is geared for bouldering and aggressive sport climbing inside and out. Expect to see this new shoe during the fall; it is just one of the twelve newly redesigned shoes from Mad Rock.
Pusher has come back from the dead with some old favorites as well as a new line of products. The Sack is a large rope bag/crag pack/haul bag that has several great amenities that really put it over the top when compared to other bags on the market. First, the bag can be fitted to climbers of all sizes with a new adjustable carrying system. The Sack was also created with two distinct ways to be carried both across the back and like a shopping bag which allows you to put the weight cross your back or bear it on your biceps.
Outfitted in the top of the pack are two hidden stash pockets which are great for your keys and other personal items. The inside holds a solid foam structure which can be used to comfortably lace up your boots making it truly versatile. Check out the entire Pusher line at www.pushergear.com
Evolve have spent many years creating shoes for the climbing community, but now they are beginning to branch into trail running. Their latest offering is the AFIRE. This is not an approach shoe! This is a trail running hybrid that’s sole has been lined with Evolve climbing rubber. The shoe’s upper is 100% synthetic which means that your foot will be able to breathe comfortably while you’re luggin your body over steep terrain. In the past the numerous models that have been created were heavy and created to have rugged durability. Evolve has taken the rugged durability of past models and then found a way to make the shoe feel brilliantly light, which is a great combination. The shoe that you are seeing is a pro-type (colors and some styling may change), but word from Evolve is that it will make an appearance in the retail market by mid September.
Asana has continued to branch out and increase their holdings in the industry. One of the products leading the charge is their Team Bag. The original bag was released in 2008 and its popularity quickly spread. 
For 2010 Asana has introduced the Tour Pack, a bag that is both burly and sleek. 
The pack can be carried both as a back pack and duffel with a solid zipper that runs the length of the center of the bag. However, one of the cleanest options with this bag is that it can be completely personalized to allow your choice of colors and your company or team logo can be added to the bag at a small additional cost. Look out for this new bag during fall 2010.
The Dragon was the pinnacle of downturned perfection of Five Ten’s line in 2009. This year, Five Ten took the steep down turned beaked toe of the Dragons, matched it with the tight heel cup from the Team Shoe and added a velcro closure to create the Blackwing.
 The Blackwing is aimed at being a next-level performance shoe for steep climbing that still maintains a comfortable fit. The lining is a thin micro-fiber that is great for dealing with moisture and the rubber over the toe and around the toe box is the Stealth mix. 
Ladies don’t fret, Five Ten is launching a women’s model too.
Friksn clothing has been making strides on the east coast with colorful shirts and hoodies. Their unique “climber’s cut” and badass graphics have been hugely popular with the younger crowd and now they have announced they are expanding their brand. The men’s Guerilla Shorts is one of several new items they are adding to their line. These shorts are modeled after board shorts with a reinforced durable material that will hold up against any abuse. The waist band has a triple stitched Velcro enclosure which will guarantee a snug fit and the crotch area has been reinforced with a gusset that stretches during heel hooks and high steps. Friksn’s designs are made for both the crag and street so you make an easy transition from the wall to the bar without having to switch out your clothing.
When the Grigri came out it was all the rage, people would lie, cheat, and steal to get a hold of one. This year Petzl has made it even harder to resist this amazing device. The Grigri2 for 2010 has been released with some outstanding modifications. First, the new design is lighter and physically smaller in size making it easier for individuals with small hands to operate it. The Grigri2’s biggest selling point will be its ability handle ropes from 8.9mm to 11mm. The other feature that will be a welcome change is the new patent pending brake release, which allows the belayer much more control when lowering a climber. Look for it sometime next spring.