2010 Roc Comp Day 2

posted by dpm on 04/25/2010

A capacity crowd filled the Earth Treks Timonium facility in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday April 25, 2010 to see a repeat of the 2003 Roc Comp. The format had changed, but the energy and psyche remained the same as Chris Sharma, Daniel Woods, Rob D’Anastasio, Vasya Vorotnikov, and Paul Robinson were poised to duke it out on the facility’s freshly painted walls.
Lisa Rands appeared to be as fit as ever as she entered the semi-final round against Alex Cocca-Puccio, Alex Johnson and the threatening Francesca Metcalf. The semi-finals ran in a familiar format, with climbers rotating from problem one to four in five minute intervals with five minutes of rest between, the energy building as eventually eight competitors climbed simultaneously on eight different problems. Twenty of America’s best climbers entered the semi-finals with only six going to finals.
Daniel Woods, who flew back to the States for the competition, barely squeaked into the final round nursing an injury acquired from sport climbing in Turkey. His frustration could be seen on his face on the semi-finals fourth and final problem.
Earth Treks quickly pushed the crowd into the streets as route setters prepared for a final round of competition and a format more reminiscent of a true World Cup format. Three problems were set, all the competitors were given a two minute preview of the problems as a group. As the climbing commenced, the group stayed together at each problem. As time expired or the problem was sent, the next competitor would immediately step to the wall providing non-stop action in an exhilarating shoot-out that was broadcasted live via the internet from NE2C Productions. NE2C commentary was silenced as generators failed, temporarily shutting down the announcers. As their voices were silenced, the crowd erupted into a frenzy to fill the facility with energy that would surely carry the competitors until the end of the comp.
The live broadcast resumed leaving those watching at home wondering how Lisa did on problem two. At nearly twenty feet, seemingly thriving at the ankle breaking height, Lisa fell a fingernail length away from the finish hold. Another attempt put her near her high point before time expired, bringing Fancesca Metcalf to the wall. The men’s problem two offered multiply cruxes that thwarted all competitors. On that problem it looked as though Daniel Woods was battling past injury and gunning for the podium as he slapped for the final hold only to peal backwards in a dramatic fall.
The Men’s third problem split all but one competitor, the veteran Chris Sharma who came to show the crowd, and the world that he is still king. His power and technical skill would not be matched this night. As he topped the crowd erupted into a frenzy. Stay tuned for an upcoming highlight reel from the comp. 
1. Chris Sharma
2. Paul Robinson
3. Daniel Woods
1. Alex Puccio
2. Alex Johnson
3. Lisa Rands
Full results can be found HERE