‘Natty Lite’ Sends Drive On (V11)

posted by dpm on 02/17/2011

Redemption can sometimes be quick or it can last for seasons or even years.  For Natasha Barnes redemption came after half a season.  Last fall, a day before the first snow hit the valley floor, Natasha was projecting Drive On (V11) at Indian Caves.  After several attempts working her way through painfully sharp crimps and intense core tension she wobbled and fell while locking off her right-hand as she reached for the finishing jug.  Several hours later the valley was blanketed in snow.


Natasha Barnes on Drive On (V11)  Photo: Anthony Lapomardo


4 Months later…


After months of massive snow storms and pouring rain Yosemite Valley saw several days of solid warm temperatures, enough to dry some faces including Drive On.  With only a small window Natasha made the 4 hour drive to Yosemite and fought through relearning beta to stab the finishing jug and top out Drive On (V11) in good fashion. Congrats Natty!


Natasha Barnes, Drive On (V11)  Photo: Anthony Lapomardo

Watch video of the ascent here:


*Editors Note: Originally put up by Randy Puro and featured in Dosage 5 this line is a solid valley test-piece.  Lately numerous female ascents have been down-played with commentary ranging from, “girl-beta” to “that is not the proper extension.”  After watching several climbers, male and female climb this line it is safe to say that the crimps are viciously small and the movement is sustained throughout the entire line.  It is a solid ascent achieved by either male or female.


Yosemite this past winter.  Not good conditions!  Photo: Valley Floor Weather Cam