A Climber’s Guide to Flow
In order to justify the hours of toil and exertion, there must be something of elegance waiting for you just above the ridge.
1 year 2 weeks ago
The Art of Restoration
The first blow of the hammer didn’t do much damage, but the second blow chipped off a large chunk of rock that hit me in the face.
1 year 6 weeks ago
Conquistadoras of the Useless
Why don’t we hear about females hiking unknown cliff lines, thrashing through rhododendrons and poison ivy, and dashing across private property owned by gun-toting rednecks?
1 year 10 weeks ago
7 Hilarious Dawn Wall Quotes by the Mainstream Media
Dawn Wall mania has swept the globe and crept beyond the confines of climbing media into the hands of the mainstream press.
1 year 16 weeks ago
Escalando Fronteras: Climbing Beyond Cartels
Imagine never having been told ‘You can do it. You can do whatever you want’ or ‘I am so proud of you.’
1 year 21 weeks ago
The Problem with Your Nipple
On the surface, Your Nipple seems fairly benign. It’s small, easily hidden, and comes in a variety of colors.
1 year 26 weeks ago
What’s a Zippette?
I had never heard of a “zippette” though, and, after seeing what it is, I’m quite familiar with it but didn’t know what to call it.
1 year 32 weeks ago
Scared into Silence?
"No more anonymity," said Low Ball Jack. "Used to be all these bold, bold people tell you how soft your boulder problems bad you sucked. Now your name is attached to won't say shit"
1 year 34 weeks ago
Chris Sharma Crowned Top Creeper at Oddly-Named DWS Comp
There are a lot of creepers out there, but only one can be crowned top creeper.
1 year 40 weeks ago
6 Questions with Shauna Coxsey
She found herself atop the podium twice this year with two golds and her last effort secured her a second place overall for women in the bouldering division.
1 year 43 weeks ago
World's First BASE-jumping Dog: The Whisper Interview
DPM is known for sitting down with many of the climbing industry’s heavy hitters so we were the natural choice to land the big interview with Whisper, the world’s first wingsuit BASE-jumping dog.
1 year 48 weeks ago
Rapper Kigity K: Free Solo on the Mic
Rapper Kigity K (AKA Kiggz) says that he'll “free-solo on the mic til he dies like Alex Honnold.”
1 year 49 weeks ago