What’s a Zippette?
I had never heard of a “zippette” though, and, after seeing what it is, I’m quite familiar with it but didn’t know what to call it.
49 weeks 7 hours ago
Scared into Silence?
"No more anonymity," said Low Ball Jack. "Used to be all these bold, bold people tell you how soft your boulder problems bad you sucked. Now your name is attached to won't say shit"
51 weeks 3 days ago
Chris Sharma Crowned Top Creeper at Oddly-Named DWS Comp
There are a lot of creepers out there, but only one can be crowned top creeper.
1 year 5 weeks ago
6 Questions with Shauna Coxsey
She found herself atop the podium twice this year with two golds and her last effort secured her a second place overall for women in the bouldering division.
1 year 8 weeks ago
World's First BASE-jumping Dog: The Whisper Interview
DPM is known for sitting down with many of the climbing industry’s heavy hitters so we were the natural choice to land the big interview with Whisper, the world’s first wingsuit BASE-jumping dog.
1 year 13 weeks ago
Rapper Kigity K: Free Solo on the Mic
Rapper Kigity K (AKA Kiggz) says that he'll “free-solo on the mic til he dies like Alex Honnold.”
1 year 14 weeks ago
Gone Fishing: April Fools!
We take April Fools day very seriously here at DPM.
1 year 21 weeks ago
Q+A: Joe Kinder’s Latest First Ascent
For more than a decade, Joe Kinder has been one of America’s top sport climbers and has traveled the globe seeking out hard sport routes in his home country and abroad.
1 year 22 weeks ago
Off Topic: Crazy Russians, Trundling, and the Best Blog Ever
It’s fun to keep up with climbing news but after skimming the headline, most web surfers are back to seeking out videos of shark encounters, wing-suiters, and girls in bikinis “failing.”
1 year 26 weeks ago
Backyard Bouldering: Dream Boulder Smashes Home in Italy
This story out of Italy is a reminder to be careful what you wish for.
1 year 30 weeks ago
Hueco Tanks Country Store Reopens to Climbers
This year, local climber Lowell Stevenson has breathed life back into the old Country Store and reopened the campground.
1 year 34 weeks ago
Alex Honnold: A Videographer's Perspective
We interviewed filmmaker Colin Brown to hear about the challenges of filming Alex Honnold during his free solo of Fine Jade in the remote Utah desert.
1 year 38 weeks ago