DPM talks with Ryan about his recent tick of America's first 5.14, To Bolt or Not to Be.
5 years 49 weeks ago
Many people do not know Nathan Bancroft, but after REACH, they will.
5 years 50 weeks ago
Adam Healy: Hold Shaper
6 years 4 weeks ago
Porter Jarrard talks about climbing growing older and getting better with age
6 years 5 weeks ago
Ethan Pringle has been one of America’s top climbers for over a decade having ticked world class routes such as Realization (5.15a) and recently The Wheel of Life (V15/16).
6 years 8 weeks ago
Blake Bowling ticks his 1000th Red River route.
6 years 9 weeks ago
Dan Beall is a bit of a media recluse. He moves from one crag to another dispatching hard climbs and apparently no one knows who the guy is except his sponsors
6 years 11 weeks ago
Alex David Johnson
Meet "the other" Alex Johnson. He is a rising star in the ranks of young American climbers and has recently made is very own music video.
6 years 15 weeks ago
On the east coast you can expect one thing: blunt honesty, and Nina Williams doesn’t disappoint.
6 years 19 weeks ago
Obe Carrion: The Alpha and Omega
It was 10 past 9 and I had just hung up the phone with my editor. The conversation was quick, “Obe is waiting for you at the show.
6 years 22 weeks ago
There is a fine line between work and play. It is a hard balance to find. It seems that no matter how hard one works to find a balance the pull of the climbing world is too muc
6 years 32 weeks ago
Misty Murphy: She Has an Answer for Everything
Love her or hate her Misty Murphy has your attention. Beautiful, soulful, and definitely outspoken she has garnered a lot of enemies and loads of respect.
6 years 36 weeks ago