Alex David Johnson
Meet "the other" Alex Johnson. He is a rising star in the ranks of young American climbers and has recently made is very own music video.
4 years 25 weeks ago
On the east coast you can expect one thing: blunt honesty, and Nina Williams doesn’t disappoint.
4 years 29 weeks ago
Obe Carrion: The Alpha and Omega
It was 10 past 9 and I had just hung up the phone with my editor. The conversation was quick, “Obe is waiting for you at the show.
4 years 32 weeks ago
There is a fine line between work and play. It is a hard balance to find. It seems that no matter how hard one works to find a balance the pull of the climbing world is too muc
4 years 42 weeks ago
Misty Murphy: She Has an Answer for Everything
Love her or hate her Misty Murphy has your attention. Beautiful, soulful, and definitely outspoken she has garnered a lot of enemies and loads of respect.
4 years 46 weeks ago
Joe Kinder: Bolting for the Next Generation
Joe Kinder has gone from simply repeating hard lines to taken the next logical step, bolting them. He is proving what can be done with a lot of psyche, imagination, drill bits, hangers, and extra batteries.
5 years 1 week ago
Keep Your Winter Psyche: Jacinda Hunter
Cold weather can kill your psyche, and force you into the doors of your local gym. But, if you have determination, Jacinda Hunter has some tips for beating the cold.
5 years 7 weeks ago
Brion Voges: A Southern Sandstone Sampler
Brion just returned from whirlwind sandstone sampling hitting up all the areas of the south. Although not a professional geologist Brion has catalogued each destination and has the facts ready at a moments notice.
5 years 8 weeks ago
Craig Hurst and Idaho’s Latest V13
You can all be green with envy after seeing this thin line Craig plucked from the amazing boulder fields of Castle Rock Idaho.
5 years 16 weeks ago
Nothing But Sunshine: Andre Di Felice
He can lock down dime sized crimps to his waist, squeeze juice from bald slopers, and dispense V13 within the hour. Andre Di Felice is seein' Nothing But Sunshine.
5 years 18 weeks ago
Gabor Szekely: The Colorado Translation
From plastic to granite, RMNP to CATS, Gabor has been knocking down hard problems and routes while he takes in the Colorado experience.
5 years 19 weeks ago
Charlie Barrett: Of Sound Body & Mind
Between working late night shifts at a sushi restaurant and stressing over class work, Charlie Barrett has been silently destroying the Eastside's hardest lines.
5 years 20 weeks ago