Americans in Céüse: Rude onsights 5.13c and Traversi Sends 5.14c
Visiting Americans are having a good summer season at Céüse, France.
3 weeks 1 day ago
Video: A V14 First Ascent in Minnesota?
Can you believe this boulder problem is in Minnesota?
3 weeks 1 day ago
Climbers Take on American Ninja Warrior
It didn't take long for some of America's best climbers to figure out that they were perfectly suited to tackling American Ninja Warrior.
3 weeks 5 days ago
First Ascents in South Africa for Webb and Robinson
Jimmy Webb puts up two V14's in a day and Paul Robinson establishes In the Depths of Solitude.
4 weeks 15 hours ago
Video: Mayan Smith-Gobat and Ben Rueck Big Wall Climbing in Brazil
This past April, Mayan Smith-Gobat and Ben Rueck traveled to Brazil for an attempt on the incredible route, Place of Happiness, on Pedra Riscada.
4 weeks 3 days ago
5.14+'s for Siegrist and Mirsky
Jonathan Siegrist has sent Speed in Switzerland while back in the States, Dan Mirsky ticked Bad Girl's Club.
4 weeks 3 days ago
Frankenjura Gets Two New 5.15's
Markus Bock has established "Becoming" and Alex Megos put up "Modified."
4 weeks 5 days ago
Video: Jimmy Webb in Switzerland Part 1
Jimmy Webb has posted part 1 of a three part video series documenting his summer bouldering trip to Switzerland.
4 weeks 5 days ago
Video: Nalle Hukkataival Sends Practice of the Wild (V15)
Nalle Hukkataival got lucky with a Friday the 13th send of Practice of the Wild (8C/V15) in Magic Wood Switzerland.
5 weeks 3 days ago
Video: Cedric Lachat on the First Ascent of Staphylocoque (5.15a)
Footage of Cedric Lachat on the first ascent of Staphylocoque (5.15a) and Nina Caprex climbing Helix (5.14c)
5 weeks 4 days ago
Digiulian and Caprez Clash Over Attempts of Orbayu (5.14)
Sasha Digiulian has written an interesting blog post describing a sudden change of plans for her summer climbing goal.
6 weeks 6 hours ago
Nina Caprez Climbs 5.14c in France
Arcteryx reports that Nina Caprez has done her hardest route yet, Hélix au Pays des Merveilles (8c+/5.14c) at Pic de Saint Loup, near Montpelier, France.
6 weeks 4 days ago