Success on the Eiger for Digiulian and Traversi
Sasha Digiulian and Carlo Traversi topped out the North Face of the Eiger on Saturday after nearly a month of effort to free climb the wall.
6 weeks 1 day ago
First Repeat of Spray of Light (V15) for Dave Graham
Dave Graham reported his ascent of Spray of Light (V15) in Rocklands, South Africa:
6 weeks 2 days ago
Alex Megos: First Repeat of Thor’s Hammer (5.15a)
If you’ve been wondering when Alex Megos might try his hand at the world’s hardest routes, you might not have to wait much longer.
6 weeks 5 days ago
Video: Jonathan Siegrist Climbs La Rambla (5.15a)
Videographer Colette McInerney was there to capture the action, the lifestyle, and the devotion that went into sending this dream route.
7 weeks 11 hours ago
Isabelle Faus Climbs Her First V14
Isabelle Faus has climbed Amandla (V14) in South Africa’s Rocklands.
7 weeks 11 hours ago
5.14b Flash for Jon Cardwell
Jon Cardwell has flashed Waka Flocka (5.14b) on Rifle, Colorado’s project wall. Jon
7 weeks 1 day ago
Lead World Cup Stavanger: Markovic and Supper Top Podium Again
It was Markovic's third and Supper's second victory this year.
7 weeks 1 day ago
First V13 for Megan Mascarenas
17-year-old Megan Mascarenas has done her first 8B/V13 at Magic Wood, Switzerland.
7 weeks 4 days ago
AAC Craggin’ Classic Series: New River Gorge Sept. 17-20
The American Alpine Club’s Craggin' Classic Series is a premier gathering of the tribe celebrating our traditions, culture, and craft.
7 weeks 5 days ago
Stanhope and Segal Open North America’s Hardest Alpine Route
Will Stanhope and Matt Segal have succeeded in their effort to free the Tom Egan Memorial Route on Snowpatch Spire in Canada’s Bugaboos.
8 weeks 1 day ago
Mar Álvarez Climbs Her 2nd 5.14d: Esclatamasters
Spanish climber Mar Álvarez has climbed Esclatamasters at Perles, Spain.
8 weeks 1 day ago
Another V13 Flash for Jimmy Webb
Jimmy Webb has solidified his standing as the world’s best flash boulderer with another V13 flash
8 weeks 1 day ago