Adam Ondra has sent the Dawn Wall VI 5.14d
Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson's world famous route on El Cap sees its third ascent.
13 weeks 3 days ago
Michaela Kiersch makes First Female Ascent of Golden Ticket 5.14c
Fall has arrived in the Red and Michaela Kiersch has taken advantage of it.
14 weeks 2 days ago
Dave Graham climbs Creature from the Black Lagoon - Confirms V16
Dave Graham has sent his hardest problem to date, a tall order for a V15 climber.
16 weeks 4 days ago
Nalle Hukkataival makes First Ascent of world first V17 - Burden of Dreams
Nalle has finally sent his outstanding project in Finland, and he has dubbed it the hardest line in the world.
17 weeks 2 days ago
Daniel Woods climbs 3rd V16
Daniel Woods completed the Black 90 project, naming it Creature from the Black Lagoon V-hard.
21 weeks 2 hours ago
Chris Sharma FA's Alasha
Sharma has made the first ascent of Alasha, a new deep water solo test piece in Mallorca
21 weeks 4 days ago
Matt Fultz makes 4th acsent of The Wheel of Wolvo
Utah crusher Matt Fultz has climbed his first V15, nabbing a send of one of Lincoln Lake's hard lines.
24 weeks 2 days ago