Alex Johnson has recently switched gears to sport climbing and even though she has topped out some of the Eastside's boldest lines she is learning to come to grips with her fear of falling.
While in the States this past winter, Niky ticked off test-piece problems like Meadowlark Lemon (V14) in Red Rocks, Mandala Sit (V13) in Bishop, and numerous proud highballs like Evilution Direct (V11).
Colton solos Stony White Boots Johnson (5.13a) along the northern California coast.
Watch the footage of Paul's first ascent frenzy in South Africa including "In the Depths of Solitude" (V14/15).
Mike and Mark Anderson, authors of "The Rock Climber's Training Manual," make their case for why you should train.




Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb in RMNP
11 hours 33 min ago
Nuthin' but Sunshine (V13)
15 hours 19 min ago
La moustache qui fâche 9a+
15 hours 55 min ago


Multiple 9a/5.14d Sends for Europeans
It seems like every day, another European climber ticks off a 5.14d or 5.15.
15 hours 47 min ago
Video: Dave Mason Climbs V13's in Rocklands
This is a great video with a mellow vibe that shows Dave climbing two beautiful V13’s: El Corazon...
17 hours 4 min ago
Access Fund: Eagle Bluff Saved!
The Clifton Climber’s Alliance, along with the Access Fund, have succeeded in their mission to...
17 hours 58 min ago
Video: Jonathan Siegrist Climbs Speed Integrale (9a/5.14d)
Watch Jonathan Siegrist climb a beautiful 9a in Switzerland.
2 days 17 hours ago


Adidas Wandertag Jacket
This isn't exactly what we expected from brand name Adidas, usually known for their signature tri-stripe, Euro-styling, and Easter egg color palette.
2 weeks 1 day ago
Five Ten Aescent
They are perfect for long treks across both moderate and steep terrain, like the paths of Joshua Tree, Hueco, or any other desert getaway where you want a light material that breathes and doesn't hold in the sweat.
4 weeks 2 days ago