On January 14, 2015, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson made the first free ascent of The Dawn Wall on Yosemite's El Capitan. Watch Tommy climb pitch 15 (5.14c) in this first footage released by the film crew on the wall.
A short Q & A with many climbers usually reveals a less-than-perfect program and, in some cases, training that is largely a waste of time.
The world watched via live streaming video yesterday as Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson pulled over the lip of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall for its first free ascent.
Jonathan Siegrist going for the flash of 5.13's at Lion's Head, Canada.



6 hours 6 min ago
From Dirt Grows The Flowers 8C/V15 - Nils Favre
19 hours 6 min ago
24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell - 2014
19 hours 18 min ago


Mark Anderson FA’s Double Stout (5.14a) in Clear Creek Canyon
Mark Anderson, author of the Rock Climber’s Training Manual, has ticked off another open project in...
15 hours 54 min ago
Chironico V15’s for Martin Keller and Nils Favre
Martin Keller has sent Insanity of Grandeur and Nils Favre took down From Dirt Grows the Flowers.
16 hours 55 min ago
Alex Megos: 3rd Ascent of Lucid Dreaming (V15)
German Alex Megos has pulled off the third ascent of Lucid Dreaming (V15) at Bishop, California’s...
1 day 7 hours ago
New Red Rock V15 for Nalle Hukkataival
Nalle Hukkataival is back in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada where he’s just established a new V15/8C
2 days 14 hours ago


Scarpa Booster S
The Booster S is a slipper/shoe hybrid with the benefits of each—the sensitivity of a slipper and the security and precision of a tightly-laced shoe.
1 week 2 days ago
Trango Crag Pack
Finally, we’re starting to see packs designed for everyday rock climbers that aren’t hiking the Appalachian Trail, hauling on El Cap, or trudging up 8000-meter peaks.
1 week 2 days ago