This is likely the 12th ascent of the storied route making it one of the most repeated 5.15’s in the world.
Jason Kehl celebrates legitimate access at the Holy Boulders with a return trip to his old stomping grounds.
The first blow of the hammer didn’t do much damage, but the second blow chipped off a large chunk of rock that hit me in the face.
Nalle reopens a legendary problem in Font.
Getting in one last burn at Smith Rock, Oregon.



Spring Break in Hueco
2 hours 16 min ago
MT Uncut 1
2 hours 35 min ago
Sean McColl - Final Canadian bouldering Championships
6 hours 35 min ago


Alex Megos Begins World Domination Tour
It’s just a prediction…catchy headline though, amirite?
4 hours 31 min ago
Carlo Traversi Sends Kryptonite, America’s First 5.14d
Kryptonite, America’s first 5.14d, was established by Tommy Caldwell in 1999 and sees few repeats...
2 days 6 hours ago
Ashima Sends another 5.14d/15a in Spain
Ashima Shiraishi reports on Instagram that she’s sent her 2nd hard project in Santa Linya, Spain,...
3 days 3 hours ago
Papichulo (5.15a), Demencia Senil (5.15a) and More Hard Sends in Europe
March seems to be a good month to be in Europe, especially Spain.
3 days 4 hours ago


Tenaya Oasi
The balance of performance and comfort make the Oasi’s well worth their price tag.
6 weeks 2 days ago
Scarpa Booster S
The Booster S is a slipper/shoe hybrid with the benefits of each—the sensitivity of a slipper and the security and precision of a tightly-laced shoe.
9 weeks 3 days ago