Video by Cameron Maier of Jimmy Webb making the second ascent of Daniel Wood's v15 testpiece
Teaser for the video short "First Try" with Jonathan Siegrist. Look for it in the next issue of DPM.
Joe Kinder takes his first trip to Norway's Flatanger Cave. When he sees it...he gets psyched.
Canadian Sonnie Trotter has established one of the hardest trad routes in the country.
Jimmy Webb explores South Africa and finds Speed of Sound (V14) and more.




Ed Hamer climbing some classics in Mallorca
6 hours 37 min ago
Young Classics in Roy, NM
10 hours 29 min ago
Joe's Valley
10 hours 36 min ago


Stefano Ghisolfi Sends Southern Smoke Direct (5.14d)
Italian Stefano Ghisolfi is off to a good start at the Red River Gorge, Kentucky with a send of the...
21 hours 14 min ago
Video: Webb Climbs Defying Gravity (V15) and Robinson does Komodo (V14)
Two great bouldering shorts to enjoy this holiday.
22 hours 13 min ago
Black Lung (V13) for Alex Puccio
Alex Puccio has sent another V13: Black Lung at Joe’s Valley, Utah.
2 days 18 hours ago
Jimmy Webb Sends Defying Gravity (V15)
Jimmy Webb has claimed the 2nd ascent of Defying Gravity at Thunder Ridge in Colorado’s South...
5 days 2 hours ago


Petzl Djinn Quickdraw
The Djinn isn’t the cheapest draw on the market, nor the lightest and fanciest, but if you’re looking for high value at a low cost; there’s no better option out there.
7 weeks 1 day ago
Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator
With several outlet ports, and optional solar panels, the Yeti is all anyone will need to make their office mobile.
7 weeks 1 day ago