Alex Megos ticks some hard classics during a quick trip to the UK.
Video profile of Colorado climber Zach Lerner.
Follow Colton Edson as he travels for bouldering and climbs and trains at the gym.
There are a lot of creepers out there, but only one can be crowned top creeper.
Back in March, Joe Kinder established Maquina Muerte (5.14+) at the Cathedral in Utah. Here's the video.




Escaping Norfolk (UK Bouldering Film)
3 hours 30 min ago
One Week with Alex Megos
13 hours 51 min ago
Calm before the storm
20 hours 2 min ago


Angie Payne Slays Her Nemesis: Freaks of the Industry (V13)
B3bouldering reports on Facebook that Angie Payne has sent Freaks of the Industry (V13) at Lower...
10 hours 39 min ago
5.14b's for Audrey Sniezek and Heather Weidner
The ladies have really stolen the show this summer.
2 days 14 hours ago
Jain Kim and Sachi Amma Win Latest World Cup Lead Competition
Jain Kim and Sachi Amma took gold at last weekend's World Cup competition in Briancon, France
3 days 15 hours ago
Video: Shauna Coxsey Sends New Base Line (V14)
The BMC has posted exclusive footage of Shauna Coxsey climbing New Base Line.
6 days 15 hours ago


Five Ten Aescent
They are perfect for long treks across both moderate and steep terrain, like the paths of Joshua Tree, Hueco, or any other desert getaway where you want a light material that breathes and doesn't hold in the sweat.
1 day 7 hours ago
The Rock Climber’s Training Manual
The subtitle of the book, “A Guide to Continuous Improvement,” is perhaps the most accurate description of the contents.
1 day 7 hours ago